Tue, 11 May 2021

We just passed the first anniversary of COVID-19 and yet we are still in the midst of this pandemic. Last year, on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic. At this time, we knew very little about the virus. Preventative measures were merely speculative, and government and health officials scrambled to stop the spread.

Although there remains to be many unanswered questions, a lot has since been revealed. Scientific and financial resources worldwide focused their efforts on COVID-19; how to stop it, treat it, and recover from it. With time, health experts and survivors have noted more long-term effects and lengthy recovery periods, with some individuals experiencing side-effects several months after acquiring the virus.

There have been promising discoveries in regards to treatment as well. In addition to vaccines, recent research has revealed that a high oral dose of Combined Metabolic Activators (CMA) containing NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) and glutathione precursors can lead to a more rapid recovery of COVID-19.

NAD+ deficiency and COVID-19

Understanding how COVID-19 affects the body is needed to discover ways to reduce symptoms and speed up recovery. Thus far, research on COVID-19 and how it affects the body has found that those infected experience metabolic dysfunction, exacerbated inflammation, and respiratory problems that contribute to organ failure and death.

COVID-19 aside, previous research has shown that exacerbated inflammation and metabolic abnormalities are associated with NAD+ and glutathione (GSH) metabolism deficiencies. NAD+ is naturally occurring; however, our levels decline with age as well as with specific conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and hypertension. Research suggests that this depletion may contribute to the severity of COVID-19 symptoms and the length of recovery.

Various treatment regimens are looking to target these metabolic abnormalities and mitochondrial dysfunction. It is suggested that by promoting metabolic function through metabolic activators, recovery will be accelerated.

Several studies have found that metabolic activators are beneficial in treating viral infectious diseases and lung diseases. More specifically, researchers discovered that a mixture of Combined Metabolic Activators (CMA) had significantly improved metabolite levels associated with inflammatory proteins and antioxidant metabolism, making this a promising potential treatment for fatty liver disease.

Knowing the effects, researchers hypothesized that a high dose mixture of CMA could also improve the metabolic conditions associated with COVID-19 that contribute to organ failure and death. They believed that by increasing NAD+ and GSH levels, the mitochondrial metabolism would be activated, resulting in accelerated recovery.

Combined Metabolic Activators (CMA) to aid in COVID-19 recovery

A recent study published in February 2021 investigated this. The study aimed to discover if a high oral dose of a Combined Metabolic Activators (CMA) mixture could restore metabolic function, resulting in a more rapid recovery from COVID-19. They hypothesized that those who received this dose would experience be symptom-free sooner.

Using a placebo-controlled, open-label phase 2 study as well as double-blinded phase 3 clinical trials, researchers investigated the length of symptom-free recovery in ambulatory patients when using a CMA mixture that consisted of NAD+ and glutathione precursors.

The results of both studies found that complete recovery time was significantly shorter in participants that received CMA. More specifically, in phase 2, their recovery time averaged 6.6 days versus the 9.3 days it took for the placebo group to recover. In the phase 3 clinical trials, those that received CMA recovered in just 5.7 days, a significantly shorter recovery than the control group, which averaged 9.2 days to recover. The clinical outcome in COVID-19 infection has been improved with CMA by regulating amino acid, antioxidant, and lipid metabolism as well as improving immune response.

In addition to the above results, a comprehensive analysis of proteome and blood metabolome found that the plasma levels of metabolites and proteins associated with antioxidant metabolism and inflammation were significantly improved in the CMA participants. As you can see, these results show that treating COVID-19 patients with high doses of CMA leads to accelerated symptom-free recovery. These results suggest that this is a viable therapeutic regime in treating infections that lead to respiratory problems, like COVID-19.

The researchers concluded that NAD+ is an 'essential metabolite in cellular energy generation and redox biology.' The wide range in benefits of NAD+ has been known for some time, which is why many choose to supplement it.

NAD+ Supplementation

NAD+ is already a widely used supplement that has been shown to promote DNA health and essentially turn off the genes that accelerate aging. Many Americans are already taking NAD+ supplements for these reasons, and as we can see from the above study, they may very well be improving recovery time in COVID-19 patients who have been supplementing.

We already have NAD+ in our bodies, and it is very important that we do. Longevity expert Dr. David Sinclair told Time Magazine, '...without it, you're dead in 30 seconds.' It's vital for many essential processes, yet your levels can run low. Fortunately, there are different ways you can increase your NAD+ levels, including intravenous, patches, or injections. These methods deliver NAD+ straight to the bloodstream.

You or anyone interested in taking NAD+ supplements can contact the medical team at AgelessRx to see if it is a good fit for you. AgelessRx.com is a telehealth subscription service that specializes in NAD+ as well as other longevity therapies. You can order NAD injections, NAD+ patches, NAD+ nasal spray, or NAD face cream on their website. To help you determine which method is best for you and your needs, you can contact their team of experts who will help you choose the most suitable course of action to increase your NAD+ levels.

Individuals who become infected with COVID-19 are at risk for detrimental outcomes, including death. This study is very promising, suggesting an effective treatment for the virus. As more trials and further studies on using NAD+ to aid with recovery and reduce the virus's effects are published, this therapeutic regime will hopefully continue to become more widely available.


Combined Metabolic Activators accelerates recovery in mild-to-moderate COVID-19. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.10.02.20202614 Note: The referenced DOI article is a preprint and has not been peer-reviewed [what does this mean?]. It reports new medical research that has yet to be evaluated and so should not be used to guide clinical practice.

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