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Top 10 Video Editing Trends To Watch Out For

01 Apr 2021, 00:17 GMT+10

Someone correctly stated that a video can convey a message in one-tenth the time a written blog post could ever do. Social media channels and video editing platforms have opened up the world to new creators who want to post and curate more and interesting videos.

Whether you are a digital marketing brand or online content creator, videos and video marketing are now optimal ways to reach your target audience and engage with potential customers. What makes you stand apart from the rest, though?

The difference that your video will make with its style or substance, or both ideally, will set it apart from the crowd.

Let's explore some fascinating trends in video editing that are sure to provide that competitive edge and give you insight into how the industry will pan out in the coming year.

Video transitions and slides

Videos are everywhere today. From your morning WhatsApp messages to your next brand promotion - video rules the roost. Gone are the days when simple and conventional transition techniques like dissolve, film cut, wipe, and fade were the norm. The wide exposure to videos for the masses has pushed out the conventional transition techniques and favoured more creative styles.

Interesting transitions are back, and so are video slides. What makes a video slide more interesting? The creative transitions and music that you use to convey your message make all the difference. Social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok are favouring bite-sized video slides that keep users hooked. Creative video transitions are available online in the form of plug-ins. Transition techniques are being used by digital marketing platforms to ramp up the quality of videos and make them more entertaining.

Live videos

The format of 'going live' or conducting a live Q/A video session has been gaining a lot of momentum, especially during the pandemic. This is primarily because of the number of social media platforms offering the 'live' service free of cost. Live videos enable you to connect with your audience, understand them, and receive feedback in real-time.

In many live videos, people are found engaging in question and answers sessions. In these videos, questions ranging from the brand's history to the latest industry trends are answered by experts. These videos are immediately archived, edited, and uploaded on various platforms for users to view the conversations at a later date.

Accessible video content

The digital media platform espouses equality for one and all. This means brands and businesses have to create videos for people of all abilities. Every professional video editor today needs to be aware of creating videos that are accessible and enhance the user experience. An accessible video or audio is a piece of media that persons with disability and benefit organizations can view. As a marketer or video producer, you need to make sure that communication reaches them. Accessible media content includes additional resources like captions or subtitles, a transcript (separate text version, not synced), audio description of visuals, and other accessible functions.

Animated videos

Animated or graphic videos are hot forms of video content you need to capitalize on. The mass and regular exposure to video content has largely made people passive viewers at times. Animated videos integrate a new and innovative way of communicating your brand message to make a difference.

What makes an animated video more interesting than a talking head or interview style video? It is that dynamic visuals are more appealing to a viewer. Imagine talking about your product with your product manager, looking toward the camera, and explaining the different uses and features. Sounds boring, right? Now, imagine the same video with the project manager talking about the features, but a visual animation of how the product works supporting the narrative. Animated videos are a hot trending style being adopted by businesses and digital marketers to communicate and engage with a wide-ranging audience.

Personal storytelling

People like other people with whom they can relate. Personal storytelling helps bridge the gap between customers and the business by making a story relatable. A simple and effective way of achieving personal storytelling is by telling an authentic story in front of the camera with little editing or any filter.

Real people with genuine stories make a difference. Watching one of your customer testimonials or stories can strike a chord with a potential customer, influencing them to turn into a buying one. Or, perhaps make an inactive customer turn into an active one. There is no set formula for achieving personal storytelling. Still, in the coming year, this trend is going to be one of the most effectively employed ways to persuade customers.

Fonts and texts

There is ample data to suggest that over 60% of video traffic is generated from smartphones. Smaller screens mean videos are watched on a smaller screen resolution than the one in which they are shot. To compensate for this, digital marketers and content creators are incorporating big, bold, and creative fonts to engage people while they are on the move or in a distracting environment.

Incorporating big fonts that are easy to read also serves to communicate a story without audio. The trend has been shifting towards more creative and artistic fonts that match the style of the video. For instance, travel vlogs or tour guide videos are using more cursive and artistic fonts. Business and product videos are using more serif and staccato fonts.

Podcast video series

In recent years, platforms like Spotify and Anchor. FM have consistently promoted podcasts with a growing listener base. Today, there are over 2 million podcasts, and the number is only going to increase. Celebrity interviews, industry talks, skills learning, and marketing trends are some of the most preferred podcast topics today. Professional content creators are leveraging podcast video series to create digital content, promotional material, and free snippets for viewers to see. They often make a series of videos to offer a sneak peek into the podcast and eventually drive listeners to the platform and their video.

Vertical videos

Vertical or 1:1 videos are transforming the world of video editing and digital marketing. With the growing number of smartphones, social media platforms and video sharing are growing exponentially. The recent introduction of short video formats like Instagram Reels and Stories targeted at smartphone-viewings has given rise to vertical videos.

Vertical videos are a quick and interesting way to convey a brand message only to smartphone users. It is a new challenge for video editors to make and edit videos for the vertical format. Intelligent video editing tools like InVideo are primed to work for vertical videos, making the process seamless, easy, and fast. It is one of the best online video editors, with tons of pre-designed templates, easy-to-adjust features, beautiful photos, and many other advanced features that make both vertical video and horizontal video editing personalized and swift.

User-generated content

User-generated content is only going to increase with time. Digital content creators and marketers are poised to use generated content more creatively and intelligently in a way that will make them stand out and entertaining. It is a great way to engage with clients and customers who want to be part of the ecosystem. Instagram takeovers, Zoom sessions, screen recordings, and virtual meetups are some cool ways in which users can create content. These are then edited to make crisp, exciting, and engaging content marketing materials.

Virtual events and conferences

Conveying a brand message through video during conferences has become a preferred tool for businesses. However, with the pandemic playing spoilsport, in-person conferences have taken a back seat, and virtual events have become a regular thing. A gathering of like-minded people or a community is one of the best ways to connect people in the current scenario, and virtual events are the way forward. Seen from a fresh perspective, virtual events or live sessions generate videos that can be edited to create inspiring and attractive marketing content.


It's time to rethink how video editing is going to change in the forthcoming years. The top 10 video editing trends listed above should give you a glimpse of what might make you indispensable to your industry. It is also important to note that trends are only indicative. You have to keep your eyes and ears open at all times!

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