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Guide to Choose the Right Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

01 Apr 2021, 19:42 GMT+10

Fitness trackers are technological devices that allow you to keep your health under control during physical activity. Halfway between a bracelet and a watch, they are perfect for those who love sports.

They are increasingly accurate and precise and allow you to keep heart activity, oxygen saturation and blood pressure under control. Furthermore, they can be used to evaluate and study one's sleep and understand how to best regulate it.

On sale you will find numerous models of fitness trackers. Even among the latest generation fitness bracelets, there are some cheap and affordable for all budgets.

Thanks to Bluetooth, you can connect the device to your smartphone and take advantage of the most commonly used apps, such as WhatsApp, the camera, Spotify and the alarm clock. Some models also allow you to answer calls.

If you want to keep track of your daily routes and steps, you can activate the GPS and the pedometer. Or you can take advantage of the preset programs that suggest some workouts to do outdoors or at home, but also in the pool. These sports devices, in fact, are waterproof and can also be used underwater.

Display and strap: design for all tastes

When choosing a fitness watch, the display and the strap make the difference in terms of practicality and comfort. For the wrist model it is good to consider that it can be worn continuously, like a second skin and even more than a watch since it is also kept at night to monitor sleep. Better therefore an ergonomic, light and comfortable fitness tracker.

The most common fitness watches are in the shape of a watch or bracelet. The first is reminiscent of sports watches, with a square or round dial of different shapes and sizes. The second, on the other hand, has the shape of a bracelet in rubbery material and is the most widespread and appreciated one, precisely because it does not look like a watch but something innovative. The display, if present, is inside the structure of the bracelet, alternatively the data is displayed only on a smartphone or tablet. There are also sport trackers in pocket clip format to attach to shoes or pants.

On the market there are models of fitness bracelets for all tastes: colored, solid color, black or gray. It is not easy to choose but it is generally recommended to buy one with the design as much in line with your style as possible, not just for sport.

According to the size of your wrist, make sure that the fitness bracelet is adjustable and made of hypoallergenic material. KoreTrak is one of the best fitness watches with a Full-color LCD screen to learn more about feel free to check out the Koretrak fitness tracker review showing its benefits and usage by a fitness couch.

Materials: waterproof for a 360-degree experience

One of the key features of a fitness watch is the fact that it is made with waterproof materials and a quality outer coating. In fact, very often you want to wear the device even in the shower after physical activity, at the beach or in the pool, 24 hours a day without ever taking it o. If you have these intentions, it is better to check that the gym watch is made of plastic or rubberized material, resistant to humidity and sweat, but above all waterproof.

On the market there are several waterproof activity trackers and practically all the big brands make these devices thinking about the needs of those who will have to wear it, therefore with maximum attention to detail, quality of materials, performance and robustness.

If your passion is swimming or diving, there are special swimming fitness watches. The best fitness watches can withstand water up to 100 meters.

What features are available?

The most decisive aspect in a fitness watch concerns the functions it offers. The difference between the cheap activity trackers and the more expensive ones is in fact played on the number of features.

To choose the best activity tracker, therefore, we must ask ourselves what kind of data we want it to record and what our needs are. The main purpose of this device, also used as a watch, with timer, date and stopwatch, is to check the levels of activity that are accomplished in a day. The pedometer function is usually present in all t bands and is used to count the steps and kilometers traveled even beyond physical activity. Some more sophisticated models even indicate whether uphill or downhill.

The total of daily physical activities leads to the calculation of calories burned, which can also be counted taking into account the food ingested. The most performing sport tracker models have a sensor that detects the body temperature, while most records the quality of sleep (activity & sleep tracker bracelet), counting the hours slept, awakenings and the state of rest. In addition, many fitness watches offer a 'sweet' morning wake up call.

The best fitness watch versions also allow you to receive notifications from your smartphone. Some have even included a wrist heart rate monitor function, useful for training and normal activities, and store daily statistics and progress in a dedicated area. In this way it is easy to set goals and goals to be achieved.

Consider that the number of calories burned differs from person to person and should never be interpreted without taking into account metabolism and nutrition.

Compatibility and connectivity: essential elements

An important aspect when it comes to activity trackers concerns the connectivity and compatibility of the device with other devices such as tablets, iPhones and smartphones. From these characteristics derive practicality, versatility and the possibility to keep track of activities and progress even on other supports. The cheap fitness watches do not include any connectivity system and the only possibility that is provided is to store the data inside the device and consult them by accessing the internal memory. Those equipped with a USB cable, on the other hand, allow you to download data to a computer, but it is necessary to check the readability of the format.

The best high-end fitness watch models, on the other hand, can generally be connected to an App and connect via Bluetooth with other devices such as computers, smartphones and tablets, synchronizing data in real time. If the seller's App is not present, it is possible to take advantage of the compatibility with other fitness applications.

Before buying a fitness watch, check compatibility with operating systems (e.g., Android and IOS) and with your smartphone or tablet.

Battery life is important

In choosing the best fitness watch and all fitness watches, of course, particular attention to batteries cannot be missing. Let's not forget that it must be a device that works 24 hours a day to monitor all our activities, from sports to sleep.

The battery life is therefore one of the aspects to be taken more into account which also effects the price fitness watch. Many high-end devices can go up to a week of continuous use without recharging. Others can even reach a month of autonomy, even with frequent use. This allows you not to risk having to charge it just when we have decided to go for a run!

Check the battery charging times of the fitness watch considering that the best fitness watches also take less than 30 minutes.


The best fitness trackers are technological devices that allow you to fully and precisely monitor physical activity and keep your health under control during movement and beyond. What are the best brands to buy? What are the functions that should not be missing? In the buying guide above, we've provided answers to these questions.

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