Tue, 07 Dec 2021

If you recovered from major surgery, then you must remember the most painful advice from your doctor. Media professionals want you to walk from the minute you can to reduce any chances of venous thromboembolism. Gravity pulls most of the blood to our legs and causes another condition called varicose vein. Prolonged and persistent pressure on the veins compels them to enlarge permanently. A Leg compression machine can be beneficial here. Leg compression machines are prosthetic leg-like devices that produce air pressure to compress legs. It will regulate and improve blood flow to your lower limbs. Usually, most hospitals and healthcare professionals use it for medical purposes. But, nowadays, some influential and concerned gyms like Healthcare.Studio is also using it. If you want to know the mechanism of action and the benefits of a leg compression machine on your therapy, please scroll down to get a brief description.

Leg compression machine

Leg compression machines use air pressure to create a tone in the major blood vessels of the lower limb. So, it will improve blood supply and lymphatic drainage to the nearest lymph nodes. After any major surgery or trauma, blood flow may reduce to the peripheral organs. A leg compression machine can prevent it very effectively. It will also avoid any chances of necrosis and gangrene eventually. If you have experience developing edema following any workout or session, then a leg compression machine can help a lot. There are other benefits of using a leg compression machine as well. For example, it will improve blood flow to your legs and thus prevent the switch of your glycolysis cycle. After heavy workout sessions, our muscles produce lactic acid as an end product of anaerobic glycolysis. It is toxic and responsible for extreme muscle cramps and muscle pain. So, a leg compression machine can help you with it as well. Certain disease conditions showed excellent results using a leg compression machine. Lymphedema and varicose veins are examples of very few traditional treatment options, and a leg compression machine provides better results. Doctors prescribe it after renal surgeries and dialysis sessions as well. Other than true medical purpose, there are some personal level usage protocols of a leg compression machine. Please scroll below to get a description of it.

Other uses

You can find a leg compression machine to use at home as well. It is beneficial for releasing muscle tension, pull, and pain after a hardcore workout. Usually, elderly patients, people who have arthritis, or any variety of leg pain due to fluid accumulation gets relief from it. Home-based leg compression machines are super affordable as well. You will find a fully functioning and good quality within five hundred dollars. It can start from a hundred dollars as well. The machines doctors and Professional gym trainers use are more or less similar to the ones you use at home. But, essentially, home-based machines have relatively low power and efficacy. It is helpful to ensure your safety and prevent overdoing compression. Excessive leg compression can lead to pressure necrosis and tissue damage which can be dangerous for you. Now comes a fundamental question. Do you need to buy a leg compression machine at home, or are there other and better ways? The answer is relative. If you come home after surgery and do not need leg compression therapy for long, buying a machine will only waste money. But, if you have edema or swollen lymph nodes, you will need the machine for years. It is better to buy a machine now.

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