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Switzerland is most famous for its banking, and also for its healthcare infrastructure. It is one of the best countries in terms of providing excellent healthcare facilities to its residents. However, the most significant aspect is that universal health coverage is made possible not by government funds but with a combination of private and public health insurance.

The implementation of the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act made it possible for all its residents to access comprehensive medical treatment. Every resident of Switzerland must mandatorily choose a basic insurance package after a thorough health insurance comparison, within 90 days of arrival, failing which one would be chosen for them. This is a bad idea as the premiums can be quite high because they provide you cover for healthcare you may not even require. As with everything else in the country, healthcare is very expensive, and even normal doctor visits and basic procedures can become unaffordable. The good thing, though, is that the compulsory insurance cover is applicable from the date of entry and helps you meet the total costs of your healthcare requirements.

Basic Insurance for Universal Coverage

The government has authorized around 60 insurance providers who all have to provide uniform coverage to everyone, regardless of income, age, or even medical history. It offers insurance to most general doctor visits, medicines, hospital treatment, childbirth and maternity care, psychiatric care, physiotherapy, nursing, and even some preventive therapies. Since all providers have to ensure uniform coverage, basic health insurance coverage is usually carried out on the basis of the costs of the premiums. The insurer will have to accept all applications if the applicant is eligible, irrespective of their income or other factors.

Supplementary Insurance

Basic insurance is usually not enough to cover all your healthcare requirements, which is why more than 80% of the population prefers to avail additional coverage. Dental care, choice of healthcare facilities and experts, and other specific healthcare requirements are met with the supplementary insurance.

Please remember to choose supplementary requirements when doing a health insurance comparison because even if you think it is unnecessary now, you cannot acquire it in case of emergencies. It is a fallacy to think that you can apply for supplementary insurance as and when you require a certain treatment or surgery. This kind of insurance application is usually rejected as it is privately offered by the insurers.

Option deductibles & Co-payments in health insurance comparison

Even with health insurance, you are liable for the first part of the payment which can be as high as you choose. It means that when in treatment, you have to first pay a deductible as per your policy, only after which the insurance is activated. Moreover, even the insurance coverage requires you to pay for a part of the treatment costs, usually around 10% of the total costs.

If you choose higher deductibles (and higher liability), your premiums will be significantly lower. There is a government-mandated cap on co-payments, but most processes can usually be covered within the cap. When making a health insurance comparison, keep option deductibles to the maximum to ensure lower premiums without compromising the level of care you receive.

How to search for health insurance comparison online

Selecting the right health insurance plan for you is not complex but it requires time and effort. The first step in health insurance comparison is to check out all the detailed data that the government agencies provide on their respective websites that can guide your decisions.

The information includes all the insurance providers, the different packages, local and federal regulations, premium costs and what they cover, insurance trends and how they are expected to grow, and many more. It is an unbiased view of the insurance industry which you can leverage to perform a thorough health insurance comparison.

But even that may not be enough because it does not address other critical factors in choosing the right insurance. For example, how responsive are the customer care executives, how flexible are they with payments, the speed of reimbursements, the level of commitment they provide customers, etc. are all important for the best insurance. That is why you must also consider private insurance surveys and data websites that actually reflect the customer satisfaction performance in order to provide you the most relevant metrics for health insurance comparison.

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There are different types of insurance providers, schemes, and coverage available to Swiss residents. But it is the individual's responsibility to undertake a health insurance comparison with all available resources, and then make the right choice. The aim is to maximize your coverage while keeping the costs to a minimum. Make sure you leverage all government and privately available data to ensure that you are adequately insured for all your individual personal healthcare requirements, as well as finding the best possible rates across different provides who you can count on in case of emergencies.

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