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The first step to growing cannabis is buying good genetic cannabis seeds. Thanks to the growing understanding of cannabis genetics, many states have legalized the growth of cannabis as long as you adhere to the plant count limits. And due to advanced growing techniques, growers can now control cannabis growing better, experiment with new strains, and even utilize different methods to maximize yields.

When looking for cannabis seeds to grow, you will encounter different varieties; some of the most common ones are regular and feminized seeds. You may be wondering which to pick between the two. Unless you are growing cannabis to obtain the seeds for cross-breeding, you only need the female cannabis plants which produce the buds everyone loves.

Feminized cannabis seeds produce only female plants upon cultivation, unlike regular seeds that produce a mix of male and female sexed plants. Feminized seeds, which you can find in a cannabis seeds store such as i49, are produced in a way that wipes out the male chromosomes eliminating any chances of a male cannabis plant emerging from the lot. The gorgeous cannabis buds that everyone desires to smoke come from female cannabis plants, so the male plants are undesirable unless you are a breeder.

Check out the immense benefits of growing feminized cannabis seeds.

Guaranteed female plants

One of the reasons to grow feminized cannabis seeds is that you're guaranteed that all your plants will turn out to be female. On the other hand, when you grow regular seeds, there is a high probability that half of the plants will become male plants which you have to eliminate to prevent them from running the female ones through pollination.

Feminized seeds are bred exceptionally by eliminating the male chromosomes. Although many people consider them genetically modified, that is not the case because the female seeds are produced naturally through pollination or a reversed female plant. So they are suitable especially for beginner growers since you don't have to be on the lookout for when the sexes show to eliminate the males.

Higher yields

Since all the feminized cannabis seeds are the desired female plants, that results in higher yields than planting regular seeds. Not having male plants in your field means that every seed you grow will produce the gorgeous smokable buds you are after. On the other hand, when you grow regular seeds, your yields are minimized when you remove the male plants, which is often half of the seeds you planted or more.

No need to sex plants

Many growers tend to get more anxious when growing cannabis because they don't want to imagine a male plant being in the grow room. The danger of having a male plant in the grow room is that it can pollinate your female plants, ruining the flowers and reducing your yields. That is why when you grow regular seeds, you must be careful to remove male plants when you spot them in your field.

The thought of waiting to identify preflowers in the transition stage is too much to handle for a beginner, so growing feminized seeds is the only way out of that. Feminized seeds eliminate that task so that you can relax without the thought of a male plant pollinating your female flowers.

You get to maximize your grow space.

Growing feminized seeds allows you to maximize your grow space. Many people practice indoor growing cannabis, such as growing in a room, basement, or containers, so the growing area can be limited. Thankfully, feminized seeds give you a more consistent growth, so they are reliable even when you plant them in higher quantities. You don't have to worry about the growing space that will later turn to waste when half of the plants turn out to be male. With optimal plant count and spacing, you can maximize the available grow room to produce more yields.

They are easier to plant train early on.

Another advantage of growing feminized cannabis seeds is that they give you a more reliable way to plant train early on. When growing regular seeds, it can be hard to plant train the plants early in case they turn out to be male, and that is not what you are after. That means you must wait until you eliminate the male plants to train the female ones, which can be a little too late.

With plant training cannabis plants, you must do it the right time because when you do it too late, the plants will not have enough time to recover. But with feminized seeds, you are free to plant train during the early stages because you are assured that you are maximizing the growth of female plants. Therefore, you will not feel wasted when the flowering season begins because all your trained plants are female.

A wide range of choices

Because of the reliability of feminized cannabis seeds, there is a wide range of varieties to choose from. They are the most preferred seeds for many growers, so breeders have produced many types that you can experiment with. If you want a fast growth cycle, you can opt to grow feminized auto flowers that flower automatically, so you don't have to worry about inducing the flowering stage. In fact, 9 out of every 10growers will choose feminized seeds hence their dominance.

Saves resources

Growing feminized cannabis seeds means that you don't have to waste your time, labor, fertilizer, and other resources tending to plants that will be of no use to you once you realize they are male plants. Since feminized seeds turn out to be female plants, you can focus all your resources there, knowing you are increasing your yields and you will not suffer any disappointments in the future.

The bottom line

As you can see, feminized seeds provide you with a more straightforward and efficient growing experience since you don't have to look out for male plants cropping up in your field. You can be guaranteed that all your seeds will end up producing the desired female buds.

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