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What are the essential tools for cutting trees?

25 Nov 2021, 21:17 GMT+10

Forestry and tree-felling can be difficult and hazardous work. It is essential that it's carried out by an experience professional, and even professionals rely on certain tools and safety rules. Below, we explore the rules to adhere to and the essential tools for the job.

Safety rules

The safety process should be similar for most tree cutting jobs and it's worth referring to it every time you begin a new project.

Assessing the dangers

Your first step should be to scope out the terrain and work out the possible dangers on the job. This can involve determining the tree inclination to predict how it might fall. Plus, you can identify the fall perimeter and possible escape routes. That way, you can either take preventative measures or at least take extra care in a dangerous zone.

Setting up the area

Once you've identified the dangers, you can set up the area for tree felling. This starts with securing a perimeter to ensure that no one unsuspectingly strays into your workspace. You should also clear the area nearby to make it simpler for you to move around the tree.


Once you've taken these precautions you can plan how to cut the tree. Take a look at how thick it is and devise a plan to safely bring it down within the right area.

The tools


One of the main tools you'll need is the battery operated electric chainsaw. This tool is a portable, motorised chainsaw that consists of a chain and guide bar. Without this tool, cutting trees in unsafe and incredibly difficult. However, with the chainsaw you'll be able to fell trees carefully and efficiently.

Felling lever

The felling lever can help you bring down the tree in a more controlled manner. It's a lifting device that helps tilt and lower the tree down. It can be used to complete the removal of the tree if the initial cut wasn't able to finish the job. The key is to place it correctly though - it can't come into contact with the chainsaw.

Falling wedge

In a similar vein, a falling wedge can be placed just above the cut to help you control the felling of the tree.

Safety equipment

There are some safety tools that can give you peace of mind, too. For a start, a helmet and protective eyewear are essential - there's a high chance of falling debris and these can protect you during an accident. Gloves can also protect your hands in a similar manner.

Tree felling is difficult to work. But by investing in the correct equipment and taking the right safety precautions, you should be all set to succeed.

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