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T-shirts are a staple of modern-day fashion. Everybody needs a cool, edgy t-shirt in their wardrobe. A simple basic t-shirt is a classic and has been worn by people for as long as it can be remembered. But in all honesty, a basic t-shirt lacks character and won't make you stand out.

A custom or Trending T-Shirt, on the other hand, is much more interesting and will make you stand out. One can even get innovative with a trendy custom t-shirt and use their inspiration to custom design one.

Why have customized T-shirts been trending?

Customized t-shirts offer a variety of choices and functional uses as well. You can get much out of a printed t-shirt, making them a valuable garment. Let's have a look at some of the reasons why they have been trending recently.

They offer a wide palette to choose from

With trendy custom t-shirts, you get a never-ending design. You can get one for any occasion you want. Since you get a blank canvas to design on, there is much you can do. You can get one to wear on Halloween or to have your favorite celebrity printed on it.

You can use them as your statement piece

When we hear the term statement piece, what often comes to our mind is a jacket or a specific piece of outerwear. Well, that is mainly because actors in movies and serials usually have some sort of outerwear as their statement piece.

But what about those amongst us who live in a hotter climate. You definitely can't be wearing a jacket in Arizona just for the sake of wearing a statement piece. This is where a printed t-shirt can be your choice of a statement piece. You can order a Trending T-Shirt today and make it your very own stand-out piece.

Customize them according to your preference

Printed t-shirts vary from each other in various ways. Their loud and varying style allows the designers to use their creativity. Their base is like a blank canvas on which you can print according to your preference and style. Some of them have their sleeves with designs, while some feature an overall print. A lot of colors, patterns, text, or symbols can be incorporated into their designs. This means that everyone can buy one that exclusively suits them.

Top 10 trending T-Shirt Designs

Let's have a look at some of the most trendy t-shirt designs for this summer.

1: Printed Flags

This trend has been around for quite a while now. You can see many people wearing t-shirts with different flags on them. These flags are not only limited to country, but the flags of sports teams printed on t-shirts have also been quite a trend recently.

2: Floral designs

There is nothing that screams summer more than floral designs. Floral designs have been used in typical summer clothing. Go to any beach during summer, and you shall see people wearing floral designs. Earlier floral designs were limited to shirts, but now t-shirts are trending with floral designs as well.

3: Motivational quotes

Nothing like a good quote for some motivation. Whether you want a gym outfit or just want to inspire people around you, motivational quotes on t-shirts will do the job for you. Many people wear these types of t-shirts mainly during their workout sessions.

4: 3d diagrams

Instagram feeds are full of people wearing t-shirts with 3d designs. These t-shirts provide an excellent design aesthetic and look amazing as well. Many celebrities have also been seen walking around and rocking a 3d graphic tee.

5: Black&white

Nothing looks more classic than simple and elegant black and white theme t-shirt. These come in various patterns, which can be bold or stripes. On the days when you can't figure out what to wear, a simple black&white tee shall be your best friend.

6: Happy birthday t-shirts

Printed t-shirts have been trending at birthday events and parties... You can wear a printed t-shirt with the carvings on the t-shirt wishing your friend or someone special on their birthday. This shall make them feel special and loved. You can also gift them one with a certain message written on it. This way, your gift stands out from the rest.

7: Cause and campaigns

Attending an event that raises social awareness about issues or rallying for a cause is a great way to contribute to society. You can wear a printed t-shirt that consists of the logo or slogan which outlines your cause.

8: Anniversary t-shirts

Anniversaries are meant to be memorable and special. Celebrating a milestone together also calls for that day to have something exclusive to the event. A printed t-shirt can be your vessel to capture the memories of that day. This way, you can celebrate that day and cherish the memories on other days as well.

9: Cryptocurrency t-shirts

Everyone seems to be a bitcoin expert these days. In the last year, there has been a massive craze around crypto, and it is not going anywhere. More and more people are jumping on the crypto bandwagon every day.

They support their favorite coin by wearing their t-shirts. Many fans can be seen wearing t-shirts with their favorite coins printed on them.

10: Retro design t-shirts

It looks like the 80s fashion is back as a trend this year. You can see many people rocking a retro design t-shirt, especially on a breezy evening in LA. This trend is here to stay for some time, so you better get your retro-design t-shirt as well.


Custom t-shirts have been trending recently and can take your style game up a notch. They are a perfect garment during the summer times, and you can design many outfits around them. Visit Oggytee today to get your favorite choice of printed t-shirt from the wide variety.

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