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From student cards, key cards, and name cards to ID cards, PVC cards are common in daily lives, bringing the surging demands for PVC card printing machines. The printers are no stranger to government halls, hospitals, and schools. While how to choose the reliable printers confuse many card printing machine wholesalers. If you are confused about it, the passage can give you some hints.

Factors that the Wholesalers Should Concern

PVC card printing machine, also known as ID card printer, can make durable and message-carried cards that make people's lives more convenient. But to bulk buying the machines, wholesalers should consider the following factors:

1. Things Considered the Company qualification

Wholesalers can first watch the company qualifications to tell whether the printer provider is reliable.

First is the age of the company. It is not saying the older, the better, but the older one accumulates rich experiences and knows the requirements of different markets. Second, the factories. Does the company have a complete producing line to offer plastic card printing machines on time?

Next, intellectual properties. The factor can distinguish companies that emphasize S&D from the shoddy printer providers. Companies that think highly of developing their intellectual properties and are willing to invest in R&D rather than stealing others will prevent the wholesaler from being sued in the future. Last but not least, the quality of customer services. After-sales are an important link to purchasing. Good customer sales are the functional channel for solving your questions.

2. Things Considered the Printers

Before are the considerations toward the company, now are the factors considered the printers.

  • Printing techniques

Wholesalers should decide which technique is more welcomed according to the customers' demands. There are two printing techniques whose benefits are listed below:

① Direct-to-card printing

PVC card printing machines that are applied with this technique boast a higher efficiency. They will print a greater amount of cards in a short time without sacrificing accuracy. However, they can not print over the edge, leaving white edges on the card. Therefore, if your customers are speed-oriented and do not care about the edges, you can choose this kind of printer since they have a lower price.

② Retransfer printing

ID card printer with this technique is more professional. The cards produced by the printers boast higher quality and a longer lifespan because there is an overlay film attached to the card. They are also handier since the printers will reverse the cards automatically, which can avoid the situation when the works are all upside down. But of course, they are more expensive.

  • Dual or single-sided

The single-sided printer can only print one side of the card and reverse the card manually if both sides have to print. But dual-sided printers can print the card on both sides automatically, it is faster, and one will not bother checking the direction. But convenience also brings higher costs, so the PVC card printing machine wholesalers should weigh on the boon and bane.

  • Data security

Wholesalers should focus on this factor if the customers need to print cards containing much private information. Indeed, most printers have a built-in reader that allows users to encode their information.

  • Portability

There are many printers in the market, some can move around easily since they are lightweight, but some are too colossal to transport. Therefore, based on the ease of transport, you can choose the printers according to your customers' demands.


Seaory is an experienced PVC card printing machine provide. For years, they have invested much in R&D, which is why they can provide wholesalers with advanced printers. Below are some printers they provide.

  • S21 Desktop Single-sided Card Printer

It is a full-featured printer that can print a great number of cards regularly. The printer is available to set the card input and output direction, increasing the printing efficiency. Generally, it can produce in large quantities at a low cost.

  • S22 Desktop Dual-sided Card Printer

It is a direct-to-card dye-sublimation printer that can print the cards efficiently. For printing the single-sided card, the speed is the 20s per card, and for the dual-sided, 42s per card, implying its great efficiency.

  • R600 Desktop Retransfer Dual-sided Card Printer

It is a dye sublimation retransfer card printer, providing edge-to-edge printing of the entire card. It is designed for bulk and low-cost printing and contains various card encoding modules that protect private information.


Established in 2002, Seaory has developed in this industry for decades, becoming the forerunner of the PVC card printing machine. Their printers are applied in finance, transportation, telecommunications, education, and many other industries.

Seaory is supported by its experienced R&D team, acquiring many important printer properties. They have been certified by many official organizations, suggesting their great productivity and intelligence. They offer friendly customer service, too. The special teams stand behind to offer you suggestions on the printer selection and all the after-sales problems.

To know more about the experienced company and their reliable PVC card printing machine, you can visit their website:

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