Sun, 24 Sep 2023

Software localization is modifying a website or mobile application to reflect the language and culture of users in a particular market. The ability to take software worldwide by customizing it for regional needs might be the difference between a software company flourishing in a fiercely competitive global market and software that finds it difficult to draw traffic from an international user base. Localization is a component of the general process of globalization, along with internationalization.

Even though localization may appear expensive initially, it is essential for global corporate growth and sustained business expansion. A thorough localization strategy might assist you in exceeding your expectations for return on investment (ROI). Here is why localization of software and applications is important for your company.

It expands your audience.

You should first keep in mind that English is not the most widely spoken language in the world. On Earth, there are more than 7 billion people, but only 360 million speak English as their native language.

Your platform must be multilingual if you wish to expand your company internationally. Software localization is necessary so that users from Korea, Germany, Belgium, japan, china, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, and other nations can access your website in their language.

If done correctly, localization will enable your product to reach new markets quickly, start making money as soon as it is released, and keep up with the competition. Expanding into nations like China with a sizable market share through software localization can be very profitable.

It boosts your click-through rate (CTR)

Suppose you have visited a website and discovered it is not in a language you understand. How probable is it that you'll use Google Translate or other translation software to navigate this website? You'll likely decide that using this platform isn't even worth trying because it seems too hard. Consequently, you may not click any CTAs and are more likely to click the back button.

When non-native English speakers visit your application, website, or program, the same thing occurs if it is not localized. They abandon a page without browsing it because it's too much work. You should localize your software if you don't want to turn off potential clients worldwide. They should be able to read what it entails in their preferred language and know which CTA to click.

It boosts your revenue.

It would seem logical that as more users of your platform get interested in your offerings, it will also have a favorable effect on sales. However, the key thing is that software localization will assist you in luring customers who do not speak your language. Additionally, it will increase your revenue.

It creates a loyal customer base.

Localized software also demonstrates respect for local users. High-quality localization promotes long-term connections with clients, keeps their interest and loyalty strong, and ultimately, trust is what makes sales feasible.


You need to localize your platform to make it usable for users from nations where English is not the primary language.

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