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Tips to consider while preparing for GAMSAT Section 3

28 Jul 2022, 21:51 GMT+10

While working hard to clear the GAMSAT exam, you will have to cover many science-related topics. You will also have to improve your reasoning skills in physical and biological sciences. But, before you answer the questions under this section, you can take a thirty-minute break.

Most of the time, you will find this section to be the toughest in the test. If you can still not drive away your fear, go through this article to check out some tips. You can also check out some websites online to know more about the questions covered in Gamsat section 3.

Start revising the section early:

Preparing for the third section as early as possible is always better. Once you start early, you will get sufficient time to go through the study material. As you understand the subjects, you will be able to cope with any factors that can unexpectedly arise. But, once you follow a specific schedule, you must not try to cram a lot of information. You must remember that the third section is not a memory test.

When you're concerned about how you can study, spend a few hours figuring out what you should cover. Moreover, you will have to follow a timetable and be sure about the date for every exam. You can browse some websites online if you're seeking a detailed plan. While you figure out what you need to follow every day, you will be sure about the duration for which you have to study daily.

Set a way to learn effectively:

As everyone is bound to learn differently, you must follow a suitable way to know everything. While some like reading and copying some statements, others can learn through listening. However, revising the third section must be a unique process. At any point in time, it's worth testing a few methods. But, regardless of the method you follow, you should work smarter instead of working harder.

After considering everything, you must figure out when you can learn effectively. You can either wake up early in the morning or study during the night. Once again, every individual has a different plan in their mind. Hence, when you want to utilize the time well, you must think about when you're productive.

Always be self-disciplined:

Being self-disciplined is just another critical piece of advice. However, irrespective of how you plan, you should not think about regular practice as a pastime. Instead, it would help if you were strict with yourself. With this in mind, you must keep distractions at a distance. Besides, you also have to follow a timetable as much as possible.

When you're about to study, you should keep your mobile phone away from your desk. You will also have to switch off the laptop's Wi-Fi only if you don't need to use the internet. Furthermore, you must set everything next to your desk, so you don't get up repeatedly. If you use your mobile phone often, you can install an app which enables you to stop checking social media sites.

Practice as many questions as you can:

As you commence studying for the third section, it's better to practice. In that case, you will have to go through some resources and prepare accordingly. In this way, you will develop an understanding of what you can expect from a single resource. But, if you haven't taken any steps, you must check some preparation courses online.

To clear the test successfully, you must practice answering the questions frequently. During that period, you will fail several times. However, as soon as you fail, you can aim to score better with the subsequent mock tests. Rather than disheartening, perseverance will help you ace the exam.

Set up an environment for success:

If you're serious about clearing the GAMSAT exam, you must set a study environment. You will think it's a good idea to lock yourself in the room while studying. But, this point will not work in the long run. Instead, you must study at different places to enhance your interest. Apart from finding a place in your garden, you can search for different places around your house.

As soon as you stay consistent with your studies, you must avoid studying in noisy areas. Most guides will tell you that your mind will get distracted when a music system or TV is around your desk. But, it's totally up to where you want to study. These days, many students prefer to study for the test even when music is playing near the room.

Follow specific strategies while studying:

Soon after you follow a schedule, you must understand that time is quite valuable. For this reason, you will have to develop your fundamental things about the subjects. So, once you go through various questions, you must stay calm. If you panic at any time, you will not understand the correct answer. For questions related to Biology, you will have to learn numerous concepts. You will also have to look for the context and interpret graphs to improve your skills.

Once you start progressing due to regular practice, you must know how to apply knowledge across disciplines. In such a scenario, you must know more about the relationship between certain things. In addition, you also have to figure out the root cause of a situation. Due to these reasons, you will have to go through many exercises focusing on cognitive components. If you're confused about how to prepare, you can contact GAMSAT experts.


To summarize, there are many things you must consider while preparing for GAMSAT Section 3. Besides revising the subjects, you must consider the learning style. Before the final day arrives, you must practice as much as possible. In the end, you must seek a quiet and peaceful place. You will later have to follow specific strategies to improve your overall skills.

Apart from everything else, you must be familiar with themes and formulae. It's always good to time yourself when you are attempting every question. Even though you get only 2 minutes to answer a question, it can take more time than the rest. You also must be focused until the end to select the correct answers accurately. Referring to multiple resources will help you address every question in Section 3.

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