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Top 6 Fundraising Ideas for Elementary Schools

11 Nov 2022, 18:33 GMT+10

When managing a school, you must give every child an equal opportunity to thrive. It will help the child's overall development. However, it will seem difficult to introduce the options if you don't have sufficient funds. So, in this article, we will cover Fundraiser Ideas for an elementary school.

1. Host a spell-a-Thon or a spelling competition:

A spell-a-thon can help children who are still developing their writing and reading skills. Hence, you can host a spelling competition when you think about raising funds. Moreover, you can think about a spelling challenge and request the children participate in the contest. Later, you can pledge donations depending on the number of words spelled correctly. But, as you proceed with the idea, ensure you don't create fierce competition. The main point is to encourage students to check what they have learned in the past.

2. Think about raising funds for products online:

If you're considering raising a considerable sum of money, you can enhance the students' experiences by selling different products. Then, a bit later, you can offer the donors a tangible benefit for being supportive. To simplify things, you can think about working closely with a company that deals in fundraising through product sales. In those instances, you must choose a set of products and tell the students to sell them within their network. Besides, you can also showcase the products through a web store so that the supporters can purchase from the store directly.

3. Plan for a reading competition well in advance:

As you think about encouraging literacy among students and families, you can host a monthly reading competition. You can ask the students to read as many books as possible during that period. Consequently, you can request the families to participate and ask the students to gather gifts against the books they have read across the month. As soon as the fundraiser ends, you can announce the money raised through the idea. On the other hand, you can also sell used books to celebrate the competition's success.

4. Consider a talent show for fumbling toddlers:

Many students have talent but don't get an opportunity to show their skills. Hence, regardless of what the students will like to perform, you must set up an event to present themselves. But, before the final day, you can sell tickets and set a small entry fee for participating in the event. Besides, you can also think about calling some personalities and turning this event into a competition. Apart from having fun, you will later be glad to raise a lot of money.

5. Set aside a day for a multicultural fair:

While you are teaching students, it's necessary to make them aware of the world around them. So, when you try to familiarize the students with diverse cultures, you can host a multicultural fair. You can set a small fee for participating and conducting research to instill interest. Then, students will be happy as they go through the cultures and learn about the world.

6. Set up a penny drive:

Penny drives can also be a simple and effective way to raise funds for your elementary school. In that case, you can announce more about the drive in many classes and ask the students to bring in as many coins as possible. Moreover, you can tell them to gather the coins and fill a glass jar. You can later announce the winners or the group that has filled the jar in less time. Toward the end, you can give away rewards to the group.


There are many ideas through which you can raise funds for an elementary school. You can also organize a talent show to raise funds and make children aware of their potential.

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