Fri, 08 Dec 2023

Like anything else, the e-bike market is constantly evolving. In the last few years, we've seen a surge in new electric bike brands and Chinese manufacturers offering affordable options that you can buy from different retailers. However, now you can buy a high-quality electric bike at the same price from a reputable electric bike company like Aodebike with an ongoing Black Friday ebike sale. This means bolstering the high performance and maximum comfort that too from a well-established brand or big player in the e-bike segment at a price you could never expect.

This is great news for anyone in the market for an electric bike! With so many new brands competing for your attention, you're sure to find the perfect e-bike according to your needs.

Improved designs and different categories of eBikes

The designs of electric bikes have improved a lot over the past few years. With new technology becoming more accessible now, the capabilities for advancement have expanded. Gone are those days when the electric bike used to look like an ugly bicycle with batteries attached to its frame.

Now you can find folding electric bikes, fat tyre electric bikes, and regular city commuter electric bikes, which you order directly online to get your bike delivered to your doorstep from a manufacturer's website. Yes, you heard it right.

The ADO ebike Black Friday deal offers free worldwide delivery and a remarkable 48h delivery promise to some areas (Denmark, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands), which is the cherry on top.

Furthermore, the e-bikes have been liberated from standard features like disk brakes and gearing; now you get lots of advanced features like G-Drive pedal assistance, which is a control system that boosts the efficiency of the ebike as per the different road conditions to minimize the energy loss during power assist mode. Not just that, but powerful brushless geared hub motors, removable lithium long-lasting batteries, lightweight and durable aluminium folding design, and Shimano speed transmission are used by the Adoeike.

How to choose the right bike for the Black Friday ebike sale?

If you're in the market for a new set of wheels, you might ask: which e-bike from the Black Friday ebike sale is right for me? There is a huge variety of electric bikes available in the market ranging from different designs and features that makes it hard to choose the right for you. But we're here to help!

Here's a quick rundown of some of the different types of e-bikes available in the Black Friday deals for ebike to help you make the best decision for your needs.

#1: City Commuter e-bikes

City commuter ebikes have a good resemblance with traditional bicycles. However, just because commuter electric bikes look like regular bicycles, don't let their appearance deceive you - they're much faster and more efficient. If you're looking for an electric bike for daily office or work-related travelling, a commuter e-bike is definitely the way to go for your daily commute.

An electric commuter bike is great for getting around on hilly terrain, provides a speed boost when needed, requires much less effort than a regular bike, and gets you to your destination faster. Savings: Since there's no gas to buy and only a battery to recharge occasionally, commuting by electric bike is much cheaper than by car.

You can get the following options for the city commuter electric bikes with the ADO ebike Black Friday sale.

  • DECE 300 Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike - €1,699
  • DECE 300C Hybrid Commuter Electric Bike - €1,399
  • A26+ Electric Bike - €769
  • #2: Fat tyre mountain e-bikes

    Fat tyre e-bikes, also known as mountain e-bikes, consist of comparatively big tyres than standard e-bikes. The best thing about fat bikes is that they can travel over all sorts of terrain, including snow and sand. The wide tyres give a rider a more comfortable riding experience with extra grip and traction, and when you lower the tyre pressure, you'll be able to pedal over terrain that would make regular tyres sink.

    These bikes have a muscle bike appearance and look very versatile. The powerful motor and long-lasting batteries make this bike great for all types of usage, whether you want a bike for daily commutes or adventures.

    You can get the following options for fat tyre electric bikes with ADO ebike Black Friday sale.

  • A20F XE Fat Tyre Electric Bike - €1,469
  • A20F+ Fat tyre electric Bike - €949
  • #3: Folding e-bikes

    Folding ebikes are becoming increasingly popular among city dwellers, commuters, and campers. The best thing about these bikes is their portability. They don't take large space, and you can easily keep them in the corner of your garage or your car's trunk.

    In addition to that, a folding electric bike can make your daily work commute or grocery run more convenient and quick.

    Folding electric bikes is among the most demanded and top-selling ebikes from the ADO ebike Black Friday sale.

    The best thing about the folding ebike category of ADO is its unique lightweight foldable design which the company claims you can easily fold this bike in mere ten seconds. Isn't that amazing?

    The following are the best options for folding electric bikes you can get with ADO ebike Black Friday sale.

  • A20 XE Folding Electric Bike - €1199
  • A16 XE Folding Electric Bike - €969
  • A20+ Folding Electric Bike - €769
  • A16+ Lightweight Folding Electric Bike - €669
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