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How Do Mobile Ad Blockers Work? A 2022 Guide

15 Dec 2022, 19:29 GMT+10

Are you sick and tired of being interrupted in the middle of playing a game or watching a video? For most people, it is as nerve-wracking as it gets, especially when half of them do not know there's a solution for these interruptions. It's quite simple, actually, and involves only installing ad blocker for mobile games.  According to the latest information, these blockers have reached more than 190 million people in the world, which should tell a lot about how large the scales of this issue are.

However, most still do not know how blockers work. For this reason, we have decided to offer a fresh guide. Keep reading to find out.

To start with, we will explain what they are. An "Ad blocker" is a term for any form of hardware or software whose function is to remove advertisements from web pages and apps. They usually appear in the form of extensions containing the software name, which are installed almost effortlessly on your browsers, and developers have also created special blockers for mobile devices, given the fact that their use now is way more widespread than computers and laptops. Especially when it comes to playing games.

The most popular ones work on two principles: Blocking communication and blocking elements. For example, communication blockers block all requests to URLs that contain ads. Regarding element blocking, certain HTML elements are blocked even if they are loaded correctly, for example hiding all elements that contain "ad" in them.

As a result, your whole experience when playing a game, or using an app for any other purpose is significantly improved, as you are no longer frustrated about being interrupted and having to wait a certain number of seconds to get rid of the ad.

A lot of modern and popular pages or apps are overflowed with different advertisements, announcements, and whatnot which makes it very hard to read through the text you're interested in. By blocking these annoying imposters they no longer appear on these pages, leaving you with enough energy to focus on why you visited the page in the first place. Moreover, these blockers add to your security while browsing online. They do so by protecting you from third parties who want to follow your interests, downloads, and online activity. To put it in simple words, they offer multiple benefits for users of all kinds.

Knowing all the above, you must think that commercials and blockers are in a constant war for attention. This is partly true. Most of the pages have given their consent about ads being on their virtual space. And viewers removing them is not in their interest at all. That is why, when blocked, some have been urging viewers to "White list" their page.

As new tools for combating these imposters are being developed every day, we will see how this battle for add-free apps and pages will continue. One thing is for sure, those who do not succumb to these marketing tricks will have more attention from the viewers.

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