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When do belgian Malinois dogs grow fully

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Belgian Malinois dogs are large and strong, but they are also known for being intelligent and obedient. They typically have short hair and come in many different colors. The average life span of a Belgian Malinois is 10 to 14 years, but this also depends on how well you care for your dog when it is young. It can grow up to 35 inches tall and weigh up to 100 lbs., which makes them one of the larger breeds out there! When do Belgian Malinois dogs grow fully? This article will answer that question so you know exactly when your dog will reach its full height and weight potential.

8 to 12 weeks

It's a good idea to keep an eye on this period so that you can see what their growth pattern looks like. The first six months of their life will see them grow quickly, and they may even seem to swell overnight. This will continue for another six months before slowing down slightly again.

Belgian Malinois usually reach full size by the age of two years old, but it is still recommended that they get plenty of exercise until then so that they remain fit and healthy throughout this phase of their life

5 weeks

The Belgian malinois grows very fast in the first few weeks after birth. Be prepared for some major changes!

  • The body of a 5-week old puppy is still very small and chubby, with an equally round head. At this age, they have not yet grown into their adult size and shape yet.
  • Puppies have a lot of energy so you should be prepared for lots of playtime with them! They are constantly looking for something to do like running around or playing tug-of-war with toys.
  • Your puppy will also be very playful at this age as well, which means it may start biting onto things without realizing that it shouldn't bite people or other dogs (or cats).

7-8 months

When do Belgian Malinois dogs grow?

Belgian Malinois are dogs that take a long time to grow. It takes 7-8 months for them to fully mature, so they are just like humans. They have some sort of growth period where they need to be taken care of and looked after properly because they are underdeveloped at this point in their life.

16 months

16 months.

This is the age when a Belgian Malinois is fully grown. It takes them a long time to grow up, so that's why it's important for you to know this information before you get one of these dogs.

24 months

At 24 months, your Belgian Malinois is fully grown. After this age, they will slow down in their growth and development. This can be a good thing as long as you don't mind having an older dog around who isn't as hyper or playful as he once was.

Belgian Malinois dogs live up to 15 years on average, so having one for just 6 years is still a pretty long time to have him in your life!

Belgian Malinois are dogs that take a long time to grow.

Belgian Malinois are dogs that take a long time to grow.

They grow slowly, they grow quickly and they grow averagely.


The Belgian Malinois is a dog that takes a long time to grow. It starts at 4 weeks and ends at 24 months. The first stage of growth for this breed is 8-12 weeks where they gain weight and start teething.     The next stage is 5 weeks where they start eating solid food and become more independent from their mothers. At 7-8 months old these puppies are considered adults because they have reached full size by then and can live on their own without any help from humans

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