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6 Best Whiteboard Animation Software

04 Jan 2023, 01:09 GMT+10

It wasn't until 2009 that we saw the first whiteboard animated video hit the internet. Before that, we could only find How-to videos and marketing campaigns from poor-quality cameras.

So, the rollout of whiteboard animation, especially in the explainer category, was thus revolutionary, especially in a world where 2D animation services dominated.

Since then, there have been several hundreds of explainer whiteboard animation circulating on the internet. You can find quality content in sales, marketing, and animated video for personal and commercial purposes.

To serve this massive market, the rollout of whiteboard animation software has been disruptive. With multiple whiteboard animation software on the internet, animators no longer need to spend long hours creating videos from scratch.

Assuming you're a beginner and would love to know some fun ways to create beautiful whiteboard animations, this guide is for you.

We'll share the list of the market's top six whiteboard animation software. However, know that if you're looking for professional whiteboard videos, these tools will not substitute for a professional whiteboard animation company.

1. DoodleMaker

DoodleMaker is pure magic! Ever thought about speaking to your screen and seeing a video being made about your words? Well, that's possible! Plus, you can make it happen for FREE with DoodleMaker.

What lays icing makes these videos usually have these videos made in any language? Has videomaking ever been this easy?

Guess what? There's more.

With an extensive library of content assets, DoodleMaker software makes whiteboard animation ridiculously simple. You can transform your speech into an engaging video in one go!


  • Text-to-speech feature that works for 30+ languages. Turn your text into videos ever so seamlessly!
  • You can use a vast library of 300+ templates
  • Conversion of images to hand-drawn sketches
  • Lots of icons and built-in quality images for your whiteboard animation
  • Transitions to make your video smooth and more attractive


  • You need to update the software every time they release an update
  • The Premium version only has unlimited uses and advanced elements
  • It's a cloud-based application, so a solid and superfast connection is needed
  • The current software only has 720 and 1080p options

2. Doodly

This one is another excellent whiteboard animation software. It caters to the need of a diverse target audience. People with diverse experiences and technical knowledge can interact with the tool to the best of their advantage.

The software has a massive library of elements. You can seamlessly create videos with drag-and-drop options.

You no longer need to spend long hours editing or adjusting complex settings to tweak elements for smooth transitions.


  • Whiteboard Animation software is easy to customize
  • Recording voiceovers are also smooth
  • With a massive library, you've access to images, formats, and audio


  • Video rendering can be slow
  • If you want the FREE version, then you'll have limited features

3. VideoMaker FX

VideoMaker FX is one of the best whiteboard animation software. Animators and creatives working in the explainer video niche have found this tool to help create quality animated content seriously.

Plus, with a fast and user-friendly interface, beginners can wrap their heads around various vital functions and elements quite easily

There is an extensive pool of templates and copyright-free audio files.


  • The tool is super-compatible.
  • The UI is friendly
  • You can easily find lots of tutorials and clips allowing you to learn efficiently and yield maximum benefits from its use


  • The older version of the software lags in performance

4. Animation Studios

Given whiteboard production's immense value for branding and sales, our discussion won't do justice if we don't mention Animation Studios.

It is a fascinating software that allows several customization options for sales presentations.

You can ditch boring slideshows today and curate creative sales whiteboard presentations in no time. These will surely help you get your message across more compellingly and engagingly.

As a presenter, you don't need special skills or expert knowledge to operate the software. The tool offers multiple characters, animated themes, and smooth transitions to charm your sales presentations.


  • You don't require any technical knowledge to operate the software
  • The tool has a FREE version


  • Videos are created from scratch. This can often be time-consuming.

5. PowToon

If you're more interested in a FREE option, PowToon can be a good choice. Since it's completely online, it runs on Flash. PowToon is known to most beginner animators for creating explainer content.

On the flip side, there are certain limitations that come with its use. You only have some elements and designs that you must use repeatedly. That limits your creativity.

So, this tool is just one step ahead of PowerPoint. It might be exciting for beginners to use cartoon-like animations.

But if you're more into curating animations that are breathtaking in transitions, then this might not be the best option.

6. GoAnimate

GoAnimate goes, Vyond, is a top explainer whiteboard animation tool. It's packed with top-notch features for element design.

Plus, you also have a wide variety of templates and characters to choose from. You can also add professional voiceover to make excellent whiteboard presentations.


  • The tool has a timeline, allowing you to control each element individually; so there's endless customization
  • No need for any technical knowledge to run the tool
  • The tool has solid value for money


  • It is paid. There is no Free version.
  • The UI is not the best or perhaps the easiest to get used to.
  • Styling options are minimal for any seasoned animator

Bottom line

To wrap up, the whiteboard animation software that we shared above are quick and easy hack for beginner animators. These are handy for creating quality presentations.

However, if you're interested in professional whiteboard videos, you might need to look beyond these convenient and temporary hacks. Software are developed on algorithms that might not be able to keep up with your complex needs.

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