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After the tremendous success of Bahria Town Karachi, a new project construction started with the name of Bahria Town Karachi 2. In addition, the developers have scheduled to inaugurate the BTK 2 on January 5th, 2023. One of the best-designed and most luxurious housing estates in Pakistan is now under construction in Karachi.

This home complex remains in the planning process, and the administration has not yet announced a project release date. Cutting-edge technology in every industry makes it possible for a new way of life to emerge for those who choose to make their home on BTK-2.

Bahria Town's dedication to offering its inhabitants the primary aim, magnificence, and cutting-edge conveniences has continued in BTK 2. To better the broader and more advanced conditions in Bahria Town Karachi 2 masterplan have developed by the same worldwide group of experts responsible for the current construction and development of Bahria Town Karachi.

It uses state-of-the-art construction products and machinery, unified standards, cutting-edge water drainage channels, premier facilities and services, and main roadways spanning more than kilometres. This blog discusses why Bahria Town Karachi 2 is an ideal investment opportunity for overseas Pakistanis.

Reliable Developers

Malik Riaz Hussain started Bahria Town in 1997 primarily as a residential property development company in Pakistan. But the company is well-known as a leading developer of luxury hotels and office buildings around the country. Bahria Town is a real estate development company that has constructed numerous residential and commercial structures and entertainment areas around Pakistan. The company's current CEO is Mr Ahmad Ali Riaz Malik. A leading developer of residential properties in Pakistan and internationally, he carries on his father's legacy at Bahria Town.

Lawful Society

Investing in a legal society is essential to protect one's property in the present and future. Therefore, the question of a development NOC has bound to come up while addressing a real estate development venture in Pakistan. Both SDA and SBCA have given their final approval and licensed the project.

Perfect Location

In a strategic location on the KCHI-HDD M9 Motorway, BTK-2 will be an ideal place for customers. Access to all of Karachi's key neighbourhoods was uncomplicated. Residents of Society will appreciate this blended region because of the forthcoming opening of several outstanding business buildings. The mixed-use complex includes both commercial and residential units.

  • Dream World Family Resort is just 20 minutes away from Society.
  • M 10 Motorway is just 30 minutes away from Society.
  • Super Highway is just 30 minutes away from Society.
  • Karachi Northern Bypass is just 39 minutes away from Society.
  • Malir Cantonment is just 50 minutes away from Society.
  • Gulzar e Hijri is just 55 minutes away from Society.

Secured Neighbourhood

The developers have implemented security procedures to keep outsiders out of this Society. When you get away from the hustle and bustle of the major metropolis, you can enjoy a respite from the din of the streets. All Karachiites appreciate its Smart features, commercial applications, and residential building. As a mega project, Society may draw customers from all strata of Society because it sells houses, apartments, and land to people of diverse economic backgrounds and means.

Moreover, the community is one-of-a-kind, with easy access to the city's best. As a result of the constabulary's constant vigilance, life in Society is calm and secure. Due to the extensive monitoring systems, there were no cases of theft or robbery in the neighbourhood. One of the many outstanding aspects of Bahria Town is its watchful and well-informed bodyguards. Armoured patrol officers are always present to ensure the work site's safety.

Well-Planned Master Plan

The developers have acquired the 4,756 acres of land to implement the Bahria Town Karachi 2 master plan. It has estimated that the entire proposed area will span around 202 kilometres. This map details progress in Sectors A, B, and D; Sector C's current condition is not visible.

Then, the sub-divisions inside these portions will have described by the term "Priority/Blocks," which will be used by Society developers. Iqbal Avenue will henceforth be the official name of the community's primary roadway. Construction is proceeding nicely on 28 priority as additional data becomes available.  There are currently residential, commercial, and villa lots on the market in the area.

  • Residential available properties are 125, 250, 500 and 1000 sq yds
  • Luxury villas available are 125 sq yds three-bedroom
  • Commercially available properties are 125 and 250 sq yds.

Affordable Price Range

Society builders offer affordable options that won't harm potential buyers' ability to put money away. The booking cost will be 15%, with the remaining balance paid over four convenient years. After two years from the time of booking, buyers can take possession of these properties.

  • The starting prices range of the 125 sq yds residential pot is thirty to thirty-five lacs.
  • The starting prices range of the 250 sq yds residential pot is forty-five to Fifty-five lacs.
  • The starting prices range of the 500 sq yds residential pot is sixty to seventy-five lacs.
  • The starting prices range of the 1000 sq yds residential pot is eighty-five to one crore.

High ROI

This neighbourhood is excellent for potential residents because of its convenient position near several urban amenities and reasonable housing costs. Also, it exemplifies the widespread acclaim bestowed upon this particular area of Karachi. The long-term financial viability of a residential complex is another factor that builders consider.

The developers have safeguarded homeowners by the community and can carry on with their everyday lives without interference. The most significant development is the monthly payment option. In addition, before the building can begin, customers will need to pay a deposit. Because of this, this investment will be the most desirable option for buyers.

Rapid Development

Construction on the infrastructure of BTK 2 has accelerated, with forty per cent being complete. Sixty per cent more has been accomplished or is nearly finished. Allama Iqbal Avenue, which is 400 feet wide and mimics the design of Jinnah Avenue in nearby Bahria Town, is connected to the development's extensive road network.

Further, the developers have constructed the drainage system quite carefully.   The advancements in infrastructure brought about by these new constructions will undoubtedly set new standards. The Society's website lets prospective buyers virtually view the town's explosive development.


Because of its proximity to several of the city's most notable attractions, the BTK 2 residential project comes with glowing recommendations. Therefore, this is a fantastic chance for investors to access lucrative consumer sales.

In addition, the legal status of the Society brings with it some of the finest real estate and business prospects in Karachi. Similarly, the Karachi community ensures the satisfaction and contentment of its residents by providing them with first-rate services and amenities.


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