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The 5 most common dangers of social media

19 Jan 2023, 23:21 GMT+10

Innocent use of social media can have emotional, social, economic, and legal consequences. In some cases, it can even lead to unwanted posts or disclosure of personal information. It is not only children and teenagers who face the risks present in social networks but also adults, governments, banks, and large Internet companies.

No social network has been more popular so far than Facebook and Instagram. With almost 3.8 billion users on the Internet, approximately 40 percent are registered between these two social platforms.

Entering the digital age: privacy and messaging

While some people are happy to go online every day, others face the worst every time they log on to a social network, becoming victims of bullying and harassment.

Students isolated in class are also often victims of fake online abuse, which can include attacks and threats, slander, or the posting of personal photos. Those being bullied often receive threatening messages, and by posting public photos and sharing upcoming events, many users can communicate more easily with their followers, making it easier for the bully.

The dangers of Facebook and social trafficking

Anyone who moves around the web leaves a trail. We might not be aware, but if we've used the internet and these social networks, then it is very likely we've left a digital footprint as big as King Kong.

In their terms and conditions, Facebook and Instagram make it clear that they not only own the rights to all photos uploaded to the platform but can also sell the public profile data - which is effectively a digital profile - to their partners. Many users see no problem with this, but at least a quarter of their users are even happy to see customized ads based on data analytics that helps them find consumables more easily.

Many users are unaware of how much their data is traversed on the network. Without realizing it, they permit their contact and internet connection data to be analyzed when they download an application. In contrast, personalized advertising is accepted by the majority of users.

Are you looking for a job or have you met someone online?

Social networks offer a wide range of ways to impress people in general, both good and bad. 75% of HR recruiters get their first impression of a candidate through Facebook. However, your chances will be reduced if you openly promote yourself with photos or comments that mention illegal drugs or drinking too much alcohol, or provide information on political, religious, or even gender bias.

Social media as a public relations tool

To extend their reach and communicate with their customers, many companies use social media. Large organizations or companies often have several accounts to manage. Without a management position to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information. That can certainly be a weakness on the most used platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. However, these platforms undoubtedly present a great potential to expand public outreach, thereby gaining new customers.

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