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Good Face Wash is Essential for Healthy Skin

16 Mar 2023, 18:12 GMT+10

Nobody wants acne, wrinkles, or dark spots on their skin. When I have skin problems, I look for the best skincare. It's an important step to reduce the causes and factors that cause acne problems.

How does a good face wash reduce skin problems?

Because dirt from makeup, pollution, and oiliness accumulated throughout the day are the main starting points for acne. Many people at home will think that there is no dirt and no makeup, so they neglect to clean their faces. But normally, our skin produces oil from the sebaceous glands under the hair follicles to maintain the moisture balance on the face. If our pores are not cleaned, it can cause inflammation under the skin and cause acne breakouts. And if there is an accumulation of bacteria along with it, it can cause inflammation and pus.

Our skin is renewed and renewed. It causes the accumulation of old dead skin cells on the face. When faced with oiliness, dust piles up on the skin, making it harder to exfoliate. When accumulated for a long time, it will make the skin look dull.

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How to wash your face to reduce skin problems

Cleanse your face with a facial cleanser

A best facial cleanser must be able to thoroughly remove dirt and excess oil that clogs the skin but must not destroy the skin barrier. Dry, tight skin after washing, dry, flaky skin, and some people may experience a burning sensation when applying the cream in the next step. Because some types of surfactants can destroy the fat layer called ceramide, which is like the protective barrier of our skin, being destroyed, causing leaks. The moisture in the skin evaporates easily, making it feel dry and tight. And it may cause dirt and bacteria to enter the skin more easily. Choosing the product's texture can help reduce the damage to the skin's protective barrier by choosing a gentler gel cleanser. Instead of using cleaners that tend to have high pH foaming agents that destroy too much of the skin's moisture.

You should wash your face along the hairline.

The advantage of washing the face along the hairline is that it allows the blood vessels under the skin to flow naturally. It can get rid of all the dirt and sebum in the pores. Reduce swelling of the skin layer Makes it possible to reduce acne, and more importantly, there should be a period of washing that is long enough or about 1 minute to massage to remove all the dirt.

It is important to wash your face properly and choose the right facial cleanser for your skin type and help reduce various skin problems. that may occur in the future


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